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Organometallic Chemistry

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    This course examines important transformations of organotransition-metal species with an emphasis on basic mechanisms, structure-reactivity relationships, and applications in organic synthesis.

    About Prof. Gregory Fu

    Note: Contents for this page are Licensed from under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Course Code

    Date Taught
    Fall 2004

    Graduate (First Year)
  • Content

    1. Introduction
    2. Structure and Bonding
    3. Reactivity
    4. Applications in Organic Chemistry

    LEC #




    Week 1


    I. Introduction

    II. Structure and bonding

    A) Formal charges

    B) Oxidation state

    C) d electron count

    D) Hapticity

    E) Coordination numbers and geometries

    F) d orbitals

    G) Ligands


    Quiz on the periodic table

    II. Structure and bonding (cont.)

    G) Ligands (cont.)

    H) 18 electron "Rule"

    I) Counting electrons

    III. Reactivity

    A) Ligand substitution reactions

    Week 2


    III. Reactivity (cont.)

    B) Oxidative addition

    C) Reductive elimination

    D) Migratory insertion and elimination reactions

    Problem set 1 due

    Week 3


    III. Reactivity (cont.)

    D) Migratory insertion (cont.)

    E) α-abstraction and β-abstraction

    F) Four-center reactions

    G) [2+2] Reactions

    H) Activation of L to external attack

    I) Reductive coupling


    III. Reactivity (cont.)

    H) Activation of L to external attack (cont.)

    I) Reductive couplings (cont.)

    Problem set 2 due

    IV. Applications

    A) Ziegler-natta polymerization

    B) TM carbenes

    Week 4



    IV. Applications (cont.)

    B) TM carbenes (cont.)

    Week 5


    IV. Applications (cont.)

    B) TM carbenes (cont.)

    C) Hydrogenation


    IV. Applications (cont.)

    D) Carbonylations

    E) Palladium-catalyzed coupling reaction

    Problem set 3 due

    Week 6


    IV. Applications (cont.)

    E) Palladium-catalyzed coupling reaction (cont.)

    Final exam

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