The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

Written in the 1960’s, The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments was a chemistry book intended for children. Penned by Robert Brent with illustrations by Harry Lazarus, it showed kids how to put together their own home science lab and carry out over two hundred science experiments.

Today, the book is marked by controversy, as quite a few of the experiments included in the publication are currently deemed unsafe and risky for the average person.

Evidently there are only one hundred and twenty-six copies of this publication in library collections globally. In spite of this, The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is regarded to be among the finest do-it-yourself chemistry guides every printed.

In the 1990's David Hahn, a young teenager, was motivated by the book and actually experimented with accumulating a sample of each and every chemical element. In fact he also constructed a prototype atomic reactor in his own shed!

As the book was originally published in the 1960's, prior to the US copyright laws being revamped, and the principal copyright laws for the book never undergoing a renewal process, it's actually permissible to share a copy of the book with you on the web legally today.

Find a source here from OpenMaterials or you can also download the PDF format directly from Scribd. The document consists of 114 scanned pages from the book and is 27.9 MB.

Find below an image of the original table of contents from The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments:

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