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EPCA / UNESCO film showing the chemical industry is a provider of solutions matching humanity's current and future factual needs Collaboration Collaboration Maria De Rycke   |   added on Sep 27, 2010 The chemical industry, as a necessary supplier of all other industries, is the provider of solutions matching humanity's current and future factual needs (access to food, drinkable water, health, energy and emission friendly housing and transportation, communication & education, women & science)
Topic: climate change, engaging the youth, history of chemistry, environment, water quality, conferences Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, school children, high schools, educators, tertiary education, teachers

Device for determining the surface activity and range of propagation of microwaves Suggestion Suggestion Oleg Titov   |   added on Sep 11, 2010 In the study of surface phenomena and the only major instrumental parameters are determined by surface tension and contact angle. These indicators were introduced more than 200 years ago and any new inventions in this area was no more.
Topic: science fair, experiments, conferences Audience: consumers can research and educational institutions, the chemical, food, nanotechnology and other industries and may also be interested in the structure of standardization and metrology.

Held International Chesmitry Event for Young Adult Suggestion Suggestion Dewi Mustikarani   |   added on Sep 08, 2010 Held International Chesmitry Event for Young Adult around the world Indonesia as the host :)
Topic: conferences, engaging the youth, competition, play, experiments, game, environment Audience: students, high schools, educators, teachers, international, iyc enthusiasts, global

Periodic Table Suggestion Suggestion Mercy Kiiru   |   added on Aug 19, 2010 We should celebrate all aspects of each element on the day it coincides with the atomic number. e.g day 1- Hydrogen, day 10 - Neon, day 58- Cerium......etc.
Topic: hands-on activities, workshops, conferences, exhibition, history of chemistry, show, science fair, engaging the youth, competition, seminars, experiments, presentations, periodic table, chemistry olympiad Audience: secondary schools, general public, high schools, educators, students, school children, scientists, professional chemists, tertiary education, teachers, regional, primary schools, post graduate students, international, iyc enthusiasts, global

Antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo of chemical compounds of natural and synthetic origin, and their potential use commercially Suggestion Suggestion Raúl Salas-coronado   |   added on Aug 16, 2010 Series of talks related to the isolation, synthesis, characterization and evaluation of chemical compounds with antioxidant activity. Additionally, discuss the necessary studies for industrial scale production of these compounds or natural extracts rich in antioxidants.
Topic: seminars, conferences Audience: professional chemists