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This forum is all about sharing your ideas and plans for celebrating IYC 2011. Ideas are just ideas! They might lead to nothing more or they might bloom into something exciting – up to you! You can just post simple suggestions, you can start a discussion and seek comments, or you can post a request for collaboration with other members of the IYC network. You can also just browse and search the forum to see what others are thinking about and add your comments.

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Changing habits- changing climates Discussion Discussion Rupashree Dass   |   added on Apr 27, 2011 little habits that make a big difference
Topic: engaging the youth, workshops, environment, climate change Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, teachers, school children, educators, professional chemists, tertiary education, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts, researchers, global, post graduate students, post secondary students

Youth Contribution for Environment Discussion Discussion Rahma Yanda   |   added on Mar 28, 2011 Held activities with Youth in my city to take contribution for environment around us
Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, environment Audience: iyc enthusiasts, students

Seminario Regional de Química y Energía Discussion Discussion Sergio Casas-cordero   |   added on Mar 10, 2011 Seminario en donde se abordarán los temas Contribución de la Química en la producción de Energía, Impactos ambientales de las Termoeléctricas y Nuevos materiales para el almacenamiento de Energía.
Topic: conferencias y foros de discusión Audience: dirigido a estudiantes, docentes y público en general a realizarse en el mes de julio

Inspiration Discussion Discussion Ajit Kumar   |   added on Mar 04, 2011 To Inspire young people to take up chemistry as their career.
Topic: magic with chemistry. Audience: young students.

awareness towards basic science, and the forth coming PHARMA era. Discussion Discussion Kumaresh Natesan   |   added on Mar 01, 2011 In the name of chemistry, even a lay person should enjoy the chemistry behind the basic science as a platform to develop him or herself and hisor her country wise.This ia a good start for announcing the coming chemistry era full of enlightment to the universe.
Topic: hands-on activities Audience: global