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This forum is all about sharing your ideas and plans for celebrating IYC 2011. Ideas are just ideas! They might lead to nothing more or they might bloom into something exciting – up to you! You can just post simple suggestions, you can start a discussion and seek comments, or you can post a request for collaboration with other members of the IYC network. You can also just browse and search the forum to see what others are thinking about and add your comments.

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A Celebration of Chemistry Suggestion Suggestion Katherine Stein   |   added on Mar 09, 2011 I am planning on inviting a 5th grade class to the high school for a "Celebration of Chemistry" Party. We will be doing lab activities around a party theme (balloons, candles, fireworks....).
Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, experiments, play Audience: students, secondary schools, school children, educators

Increasing Interest In Chemistry Suggestion Suggestion Kaleb Mathieu   |   added on Mar 01, 2011 Showing how chemistry is related to everything to increase interest
Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, experiments Audience:

FIRE FROM WATER - WATER FROM FIRE Suggestion Suggestion Luca Szalay   |   added on Feb 25, 2011 On a date and at a time agreed in advance many teachers performed spectacular chemical experiments in their own schools, all involving water and fire. The students took lots of photographs and videos. The photographs were uploaded on the website of the event and any visitor can vote which ones he or she likes most.
Topic: experiments, engaging the youth, science fair, show Audience: students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, teachers, primary schools, international, global

Chemistry for Kid Suggestion Suggestion Krishna Pandu   |   added on Feb 20, 2011 Made an simulation about simple chemical reaction, for instance the reaction about sugar and water in glass, and introduce kids about periodic table and featuring them with funny chemical symbols.
Topic: chemistry teaching, experiments, engaging the youth, game, periodic table Audience: students, school children, tachers

Página en español del IYC 2011 Suggestion Suggestion Martín Torres Barrios   |   added on Feb 18, 2011 Estoy que trabajo en un Blog que muestre algunas actividades para escolares.
Topic: experiments Audience: perú, blog