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This forum is all about sharing your ideas and plans for celebrating IYC 2011. Ideas are just ideas! They might lead to nothing more or they might bloom into something exciting – up to you! You can just post simple suggestions, you can start a discussion and seek comments, or you can post a request for collaboration with other members of the IYC network. You can also just browse and search the forum to see what others are thinking about and add your comments.

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“Mayonnaise” or the physicochemical vaudeville on the difficult love affair between a red cabbage and a water droplet Suggestion Suggestion Marie-Claude Vitorge   |   added on Jul 26, 2010 It is a theatre play because the text is written with real dramaturgy and staging, it is a scientific one because science and chemistry in particular is at the heart of the show.
Topic: play Audience: general public

A Journey to the Center of the classification Suggestion Suggestion Marie-Claude Vitorge   |   added on Jul 26, 2010 In our play named “the atom chameleon”, we will be discussing the existence of atoms and its controversy trough the ages.
Topic: periodic table, history of chemistry, play Audience: general public, secondary schools, high schools, students, scientists

The Mendeleyev agency, the Matchmaking agency for atoms and molecules in desperate quest for love. Suggestion Suggestion Pierre Aldebert   |   added on Jul 20, 2010 Dmiti, the Freud of electronic Unconscious, will explain all that their affective lives are conditioned by their impulses (sorry by their electronic orbitals) and that his deep knowledge of atomic soul has brought him to define groups that encompass atoms which exhibit typical behaviour.
Topic: play Audience: general public, secondary schools, high schools, students, scientists

chemistry ideas for the 365 Suggestion Suggestion Catherine Woytowicz   |   added on Jun 21, 2010 I would like to celebrate: PV = nRT. Without gas bubbles, cakes and breads would be horrible. Also, I would like to celebrate conjugation and chromophore.... without them, the world would be colorless!
Topic: engaging the youth, play Audience: school children, scientists, iyc enthusiasts

Chemistry through theatre - “Les lueurs de la rue Cuvier” Suggestion Suggestion Yohan Baratte   |   added on May 17, 2010 The original play on Marie Curie work entitled “Les lueurs de la rue Cuvier” and written by Christel Larrouy, intends to act as a national thread to both IYC and the centenary of Marie Curie’s Nobel prize.
Topic: play Audience: general public, school children, students, scientists, secondary schools