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This forum is all about sharing your ideas and plans for celebrating IYC 2011. Ideas are just ideas! They might lead to nothing more or they might bloom into something exciting – up to you! You can just post simple suggestions, you can start a discussion and seek comments, or you can post a request for collaboration with other members of the IYC network. You can also just browse and search the forum to see what others are thinking about and add your comments.

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THE II NATIONAL FASTEST DRAWING BENZENE CONTEST Collaboration Collaboration David Yafté Díaz-Sánchez   |   added on Apr 25, 2011 The II National Fastest Drawing Benzene Contest is a competition organized by the national pre-selection of chemistry to identify the most skilful student for drawing benzenes. In this meeting take part the pre-selected to go to the International and Iberoamerican Chemistry Olympiad.
Topic: hands-on activities, competition, game, chemistry olympiad, drawing competition Audience: students, high schools, regional

Polymer Education Collaboration Collaboration Christopher Ober   |   added on Apr 08, 2011 A web site designed to provide information on polymer chemistry, videos on famous polymer scientists and links of educational content related to polymers.
Topic: videos, contests, engaging the youth, conferences Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, teachers

Recent advances in analytical techniques Collaboration Collaboration Suban Sahoo   |   added on Apr 07, 2011 One day seminar to be organized on May12, 2011 for the celebration of IYC-2011.
Topic: seminars Audience: graduate students, researchers, industrial

Green Chemistry in the Arab Region Collaboration Collaboration Ziad Khalifa   |   added on Apr 06, 2011 The Objective of our initiative is to provide a macroeconomic analysis of policy reforms and investments to the Arab region in green sectors and in greening brown sectors. The initiative will assess how sectors such as renewable energies, clean ans efficient technologies, water services ans sustainable agriculture can contribu
Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, experiments, workshops, conferences, presentations, science fair, environment, seminars, game, periodic table, water quality, drawing competition Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, scientists, teachers, educators, professional chemists, primary schools, international, researchers, decision makers, post graduate students, regional, post secondary students

Difusión dela Química Collaboration Collaboration Miguel Fuerte fuentes   |   added on Mar 26, 2011 Muestra itininerante de 22 carteles, para difundir la Química con estudiantes del CCH Plantel Vallejo, para celebrar el Año Internacional de la Química 2011.
Topic: exposición de carteles Audience: estudiantes y profesores