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This forum is all about sharing your ideas and plans for celebrating IYC 2011. Ideas are just ideas! They might lead to nothing more or they might bloom into something exciting – up to you! You can just post simple suggestions, you can start a discussion and seek comments, or you can post a request for collaboration with other members of the IYC network. You can also just browse and search the forum to see what others are thinking about and add your comments.

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Introduce Chemistry Earlier Suggestion Suggestion Lauren Dennis   |   added on Sep 25, 2011 We need to introduce chemistry and all the sciences earlier in childrens lives but not viewed as an academic subject but also as an extra-curricula activity.
Topic: engaging the youth, hands-on activities Audience: school children, teachers, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts

science club activites Suggestion Suggestion Anees Hassan   |   added on Sep 22, 2011 science club activites
Topic: engaging the youth Audience: students, secondary schools, teachers, high schools, school children, educators, primary schools

Research work by international collaboration Suggestion Suggestion Summyia Masood   |   added on Sep 22, 2011 Due to lack of advance techniques in certain countries like in Pakistan so it is difficult to produce a quality research work in such conditions.
Topic: experiments Audience: researchers, teachers, professional chemists.

count down board Suggestion Suggestion Anees Hassan   |   added on Sep 21, 2011 fix a count down board in your school
Topic: engaging the youth, exhibition, competition Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, teachers, high schools, school children, educators, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts, post secondary students

Intrest in Chemistry Suggestion Suggestion Uneeb Mumtaz   |   added on Sep 18, 2011 To young generation Chemistry is a Boring subject . they do not find it easy to learn or understand so they avoid it because of the lack of concept. the best way to develop their interset in chemistry is to make it fun should conduct experiments not only boring theories and seminars but proper practical education.
Topic: engaging the youth, hands-on activities, experiments, science fair Audience: general public, teachers, high schools, students