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Microscale Experiments in Environmental Chemistry

Idea by Shrivallabh Kamat   |   added on May 21, 2010 01:54PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Environmental Chemistry experiments are designed to study atmospheric pollution by gases like CO2, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and oxides of sulfur (SOx). The major sources of CO2, CO, (SOx) and (NOx) are the burning of fossil fuels by vehicles and industries.



All of us are aware of the menace of air pollution. Hence, Microscale Experiments in Environmental Chemistry can be understood and enjoyed by all levels of students, from preschool children to University students.  My experience is that students at low levels who may not understand the Chemistry involved, get excited while performing these experiments and thus take lot of interest in Chemistry. No laboratory is required.  All of these experiments can be safely performed in an ordinary classroom. All the participants can actively participate i.e. perform these experiments along with the Instructor. A specially designed kit (size of a lunch box) along with eleven chemicals and a booklet will be used to perform these experiments.


These experiments make use of a unique microscale technique which in principle can be used to perform many more experiments included in the Chemistry curriculum at all levels

I solicit your co-operation in spreading Microscale experiments & Microscale Techniques all over India which will

1) motivate the students to develop interest in Chemistry.

2) decrease the expenditure on chemicals and other consumables

3) decrease pollution to a considerable extent

4) the margin of safety will increase enormously and our students & teachers will be able to breathe fresh air both in and outside the laboratory.

In my opinion there may not be a better way than Microscale Experiments to improve the quality of Chemical education in India.

Topic: air pollution, global warming, hands-on activities Audience: preschool children, college students, teachers
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