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making a difference

Idea by Tebogo Sekgwelea   |   added on Nov 16, 2011 11:53AM Collaboration Collaboration
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together as a processs laboratory team making a difference in high schools


  • —Our objective was to raise money for Thethe H School within the workplace.
  • —Everybody was showing excellent spirit of participation.
  • —Participants showed their talents.
  • —Candidates came with new ideas of raising money.
  • —Employees engaged with pupils explaining their role within the workplace and also where they fit in the bigger picture where Impala is concerned.


  • —All employees were given a fair chance to come with a topic for the challenge.
  • —Topics were evaluated to meet the following criteria : 
  • —Be in line with this years one team one vision challenge theme.
  • — Support our participation in the 2011 year of chemistry.
  • —Ensuring maximum participation by everyone in the workplace.
  • —Making the difference in the workplace.

Topic: hands-on activities Audience: high schools
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