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Froozen Non-FastFood

Idea by Emre Kirci   |   added on Jan 22, 2011 12:55AM Suggestion Suggestion
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The biggest problem will solve in student houses. What is it?? It's exactly preparing meal.

Many frozen foods have already using nowadays but these all products are a part of fast food. So we don't want to eat and get fat  these foods. 

I have an idea with this vicious circle. I think all the world's cuisines (italian, french, turkish, middle east and more...) can be sold as frozen dinners as a result of advances in chemistry. For example spinach, some dinners with meat, leeks lunch, beans with olive oil (in Turkish Zaytinyağlı Fasülye Yemeği) , chickpeas dinner.... and many kinds of non-fast food meals. 

So this idea occurs one day, all students can be more healthy and happy. 

Fast and non-fastfood meal. That will be wonderful!!!

Topic: non-fastfood, meal, f, food Audience: non-fastfood, food, world cusines, student problems


Parnia Shokri
Jan 27, 2011 11:02PM

I think it can be a good idea.but frozen food is not healthy,too.

Emre Kirci
Jan 31, 2011 05:22PM

Frozen but no additives, only frozen. Is this not healty? I don't have more information about food chemistry but natural frozen foods can be make. 

Thank you for your comment. =))

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