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Have Fun With Chemistry

Idea by Atika Al hussaini   |   added on Jan 30, 2011 06:38PM Discussion Discussion
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we can teach little ones about simple chemistry by simple explanations and experiments

  •  We can visit some primary schools, tell them simple things about chemistry,
  • show them some funny experiments, such as those involving color change or gas evolution, simply delivering an idea of how chemistry look like!!!
  • We can also allow them to where PPE and have them trying some harmless experiments as well....
  • At the end tell them to ask questions and give them some memory gifts like toys with the logo of the IYC
  • This will let them think about it and increases their knowledge a bit!!!!

Topic: Audience: school children


Muna Al-hinai
Feb 02, 2011 01:11PM

It's fuuny to teach children about chemistry!!!

I like the PPE idea!!! But they have to fit their size!!!

Mohamed Osman
Feb 06, 2011 03:30AM

Sounds GREAT! 

Check ou the golden book of chemistry experiments for some good stuff,if you wanna go on with that idea or youtube chemical experiments really some COOL stuff,and one more thing try to do some ones including fluroscence.

Emmanuelle Derly
Feb 16, 2011 09:41AM


Today we will extract our DNA with the usual mouth cells - shampoo and alcohol- It's fun for the children and then we use all kinds of materials (recycled) to create physical representations of either DNA, proteins, cells, etc. It's their choice.

I have also created a "heredity tree" where children investigate the hair and eye colors of their parents, grand parents, great-great grandparents, etc. 

They love it!

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