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Idea by José Nogueira   |   added on Jul 23, 2010 08:43PM Discussion Discussion
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I am thinking in doing a little work on chemistry at the school I attend, putting on display some material essential to the practice of chemistry. I was also thinking about giving my fellow students the opportunity to perform some experiments. I will also bring to school a major chemical Portuguese to lecture to students.

In fact, I attend a school of secondary education, with pupils aged between 10 and 17. I was thinking of proposing to the direction of my school a small business, open to the entire school community, to honor the International Year of Chemistry. My idea is to present some material essential to the practice of chemistry students who visit the site of activity, giving them the chance to do some experiments. I also contacted one of the largest chemical Portuguese with aim of selecting a few classes to attend a talk with this gentleman, Professor Hernani Maia.Thus allowing all students a greater contact with the chemical and possibly sharpening them more curiosity in this area.

 José Nogueira, 13. Student.

Topic: workshops, exhibition, science fair, experiments Audience: students


José Nogueira
Jul 24, 2010 12:05AM

I would appreciate suggestions for activities to develop this project. It would be a great help.

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