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Circle of conferences for the development of new scientist on Mexico

Idea by Alejandro Andrade   |   added on Oct 19, 2010 02:18AM Collaboration Collaboration
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The main idea is to show young people that science is an exciting way to live our life, it's a legacy of noble acts that improves the human kind.

A group of enthusiast will offer a circle of conferences in some states of México. We are trying to encourage young people to see in chemistry the future of their lives, making highlights in their environment that will show them that is our responsability to give the world a new breathe. With this we aim to reach the general public with some kind of communication with a root in those conferences and make them conscious of their own paper on chemistry, their own needs. The final goal is to generate enthusiasm to form new creative chemist.

Topic: exhibition, engaging the youth, climate change, show, seminars, environment, life style Audience: general public, students, high schools, professional chemists, teachers, tertiary education
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