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Periodic Table

Idea by Mahendra pratap Choudhary   |   added on Jan 12, 2012 08:12AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Periodic Table is the heart of chemistry and if it is explained to the students in their younger age, it will be easier for them to learn and memorize it.

My daughter Poorvie Choudhary, just 10 years old and studying in V std. has not only memorized the coomplete Periodic Table but also set 5 World Records in it during the IYC 2011. She is the youngest person to recite the names, symbols and write the Periodic Table in fastest time also. She takes just 13.14 seconds to recite all the 118 names of elements and 14.40 seconds to recite the symbols of 118 elements.

Topic: periodic table Audience: students, teachers, scientists, researchers
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