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24 hours of a chemist's life

Idea by Marie Pinhas-Diena   |   added on Jun 07, 2010 10:59AM Suggestion Suggestion
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This project intends to make chemistry visible in our daily life

Health, food, leisure, but also pollution, accidents, disasters to name but a few. From the tiny handmade products to the large food and life sciences ones. Each time, chemistry seems to be everywhere. Loved or hated.  However what leads all these systems are basic molecular reactions. As such, chemistry can be illness and injuries, while being curing all of these. And the discreet people involved, either researchers or industrials, all perform chemistry for the rest of us. Invisible.

This CNRS innovative project intends to make chemistry visible in our daily life. To explain how we use and benefit from chemistry without even being aware of doing so most of the time. Each room, object or character in the following cartoons, is linked to a scientific output from a research done by the CNRS.  It is another 24 hours season from a chemical point of view, focusing on what chemistry achieves for us. This new vision should challenge our ideas on how science and society talk to each other. To go one step further beyond the present dilemma, just because life would not be possible without chemistry. Would you take part of the challenge?

Topic: chemistry in daily life Audience: general public, school children, high schools, students, scientists, secondary schools
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