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During the 2006 Year of Chemistry celebration organized in Korea, middle and high school students were invited to participate in a poster contest. The contest encouraged the students to think about the roles and effects of chemicals and chemists.

A Year of Chemistry was celebrated in 2006 in South Korea as part of an effort by the Korean government to enhance appreciation of science. The celebration was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Korean Chemical Society (KCS).

The events and activities that comprised the year of chemistry fell into three broad categories:

  • Academic, including annual meetings of KCS, symposia, international conferences, and publications
  • Mass media, including TV documentaries on chemistry and newspaper articles
  • Educational, including a mobile chemistry museum, a chemistry shock exhibition, and demonstrations for students and the public

An activity that proved popular with students was a chemistry poster contest in which more than 900 middle and high school students participated. The contest encouraged kids to think about the roles and effects of chemicals and chemists. The wining posters were shown during the Fall Annual Meeting of KCS.

Another popular activity was the mobile chemistry museum, the purpose of which was to show students and the general public that chemistry is a central part of daily life, is integral to new technologies and materials, and is an interesting subject to study.

Each local chapter of KCS produced its own Year of Chemistry events such as chemistry camps, chemistry exhibitions, and symposiums. Two highlights were the very successful Young Ambassadors for Chemistry workshop put on by the Gwangju-Chonnam Chapter and held 20–24 February 2006, and a chemistry quiz competition called the Challenge Golden Bell in Chemistry, held 19–29 May 2006 by the Chonbuk Chapter.

Topic: quiz, game, demonstrations, drawing competition Audience: primary schools, secondary schools, students


Albert Ahatov
Apr 16, 2010 08:21AM

can we see any poster examples from your contest? i am very curious

Brijesh Pare
Apr 24, 2010 05:09AM

How this poster competition was conducted? I mean... the participants were invited to draw at one place or the competition held in their respective schools or ..................any other way. Please suggest. Its required, if we plan the similar event with diffrent  topic.

abdollah ghiasi
May 01, 2010 10:08AM

i hope that celebretion organizing in iran and so all will invited to this celebration

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