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Chemistry on Wheels

Idea by Wolfram Koch   |   added on Nov 30, 2009 06:52PM Suggestion Suggestion
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A rolling chemistry laboratory toured Germany in 2003. It was one of many events organized during that year, and carried out by many committed men and women in chemistry. Let's plan to do as well in 2011!

On 17 January 2003, the Chemistry Truck started its tour through Germany with an appearance at the International Green Week in Berlin. One week later, it was officially named “Justus” by the Federal Minister for Education and Research Edelgard Bulmahn. The inspiration for this name was the famous scientist Justus Liebig, whose 200th birthday was celebrated that year.

The Chemistry Truck was one of the highlights of the Year of Chemistry 2003. On its journey through Germany, the rolling chemistry laboratory provided an ideal platform to promote and improve the dialogue between science and the public. In 2003, the truck stopped at 60 towns and spent 107 days at various chemistry-related fairs and exhibitions, as well as schools and universities.

With its 60-square metres of floor space, the truck provided sufficient room for activities planned around chemistry. The truck’s heart was its chemistry laboratory where chemistry demonstrations could be seen live on stage. At the same time, experiments could be carried out by members of the public under the supervision of scientists. To make this possible, the truck could be opened on either side with two flights of stairs for participants. The interior stage of “Justus” had all the equipment necessary for a band to perform or for presentations and experiments. The space could also be rearranged for panel discussions.

With the aim of promoting an open dialogue between science, industry, and the public, the Year of Chemistry 2003 was organized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Society of German Chemists (GDCh), and supported by chemical associations and scientific organizations.

Topic: hands-on activities, demonstrations, theater, drawing competition Audience: primary schools, general public, secondary schools, students


M. Akhyar Farrukh
Dec 01, 2009 07:59AM

I think there is more need this sort of actvities in developing countries rather than developed countries.

I am also planning this kind of activities in Pakistan through "Mobile Chemistry Lab" equiped with micro scale chemistry

Nicole J. Moreau
Dec 13, 2009 04:03PM

And why not a tour in Europe ?

M. Akhyar Farrukh
Dec 17, 2009 09:40AM

I did not say it should not be in Europe. I said developing countries need more these type of activities because of their limited resources and less awareness. 

McKenzie Lim
Mar 12, 2010 06:19AM

Great if it's worked in Germany and why it's going to work elsewhere. First of all, we are not here to debate how best each country in different faces of continents carry such effort out, but just simply, it is to spread the idea of basic daily chemistry among the public.

Albert Ahatov
Apr 16, 2010 08:20AM

what a great idea! chemistry on wheels .. ))

salman kordi
May 01, 2010 10:03AM


and why not a tour in iran?


Allan Rodrigues
May 13, 2010 05:57AM

Let's talk world without boundries. Like BASF partnered with the Indian government to create a Lab aboard a train and traversed India, we can traverse the globe - logistics permitting...

N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara
Aug 31, 2010 04:13PM

In Sri Lanka ,we need to constuct  mobile laboratory units to benifit of secondary school children

but  we need funds for this

if some one interested pl contact

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