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A Journey to the Center of the classification

Idea by Marie-Claude Vitorge   |   added on Jul 26, 2010 12:56PM Suggestion Suggestion
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In our play named “the atom chameleon”, we will be discussing the existence of atoms and its controversy trough the ages.

The pupils of the workshop “Théâtre et Science “of the Louisa Paulin middle school from Muret proposes the creation of a play, based on the history of the classification of elements. This play will be following our two years works upon the evolution of the concept of atom and the evolution of theatre lighting through ages.

The period of the XIXth century was particularly crucial. Laws of nature began to be known, and Chemistry started to be considered as a science since then. The periodic table is a real playground as well as a history book! Besides being a powerful work tool, the periodic table of elements is a source of multiple knowledge which crosses over the sciences of life and earth as much as the human sciences, literature, history, geography, astronomy and even mythology. Our purpose is to show that this highly intellectualized tool binds imagination, chemistry and human curiosity into a wonderful work, a reflection of the world and the magic of spirit.

In our play named “the atom chameleon”, we will be discussing the existence of atoms and its controversy trough the ages. We shall insist on the notion of element, atom and molecule, since the meaning of these terms evolved a lot during the centuries. In this play, Mendeleyev will meet Jules Verne, will dream with Alice, and the elements absent of his table will learn how to become known and accepted. The long-term purpose is to help the pupils to build up their own idea of the impact of the chemistry on our society, health and environment, by creating (among other) small playlets and personifying the chemical elements. It’s not a harmless initiative, in our region, chemistry in general, is notoriously known for the explosion of the factory called AZF.

Topic: periodic table, history of chemistry, play Audience: general public, secondary schools, high schools, students, scientists
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