International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Modeling, synthesis and characterization of a molecule or set of molecules across the nation.

Idea by Marie Barnes   |   added on May 25, 2010 01:26AM Collaboration Collaboration
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Through the collaboration of Undergraduate, Graduate or Professors this project hopes to model a system with quantum mechanical principles, synthesize it with glassware techniques and characterize it with spectroscopy.

With the use of many labs collaborating it gets communication going between groups of people whom otherwise would have  maybe not been in contact. It gets students involved in chemistry, exploits enthusiasm into aspiring chemists and provides an example of public awareness of the many facets of chemical knowledge but into solving a problem. 

The species of interest would have to applicable to the general population, yet chemically interesting enough for the people involved in the collaboration. 

Any ideas are welcome and I am up for allot of collaboration of this project with hopes for it to be publicized in a newspaper, online or on television to get the awareness of chemistry to an optimal level for the IYC 2011. 

Topic: hands-on activities, synthesis, characterization, chemical modeling. Audience: post secondary students, graduate students, post graduate students and professors.
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