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"An element, a class"

Idea by Armelle Ouali   |   added on Jun 07, 2010 12:47PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Fourth-year pupils of middle schools will discover the history, contents and organisation of the periodic table

Daily tool of chemists, the periodic table or classification of elements gathers all the chemical elements. Fourth-year pupils of middle schools of the Academy of Toulouse (Regional education authority) will discover its history, its contents and its organisation by an interdisciplinary work (sciences, fine arts, history, geography, French, languages, technology). Their work will become a reality by i) the creation of a giant periodic table which will be exposed and ii) the edition of a collection of presentation of the elements which will be given to middle schools' libraries.  This educational project is certified by the Vice-chancellorship of the Academy of Toulouse.

Topic: hands-on activities, periodic table Audience: secondary schools
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