International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Idea by Naveena arulmozhi M.j   |   added on May 06, 2011 09:56AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Conduct competitions like essay writing, oratorical,etc., in the beginning of the year and ask those students (who participated and won) to submit a report.

The schools and colleges could organize essay writing and oratorical contests on the topics such as GLOBAL WARMING, WATER MANAGEMENT, CLIMATIC CHANGES ,ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION,etc., in the beginning of the year.

The students who  won in the  competitions may asked to submit a report at the end of the year. The students who won the competitions should accomplish any activity which he/she mentioned  in that  essay or oration within that year and he/she must  motivate others( their friends,relatives,class mates and collegemates) to follow the ideas.

The concerned students should ensure that they have followed the suggestions given by them. The reports should contain the impacts of their ideas in the society. The students with the best  reports will be awarded for their contribution. The topics for the competitions could be decided by the institutions.

Topic: engaging the youth, environment, competition Audience: students, secondary schools, high schools, teachers, school children, primary schools, post secondary students, post graduate students
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