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« d’Arsonval, from triple Point . . . to critical Point ! »

Idea by Bernard Guillien   |   added on Jul 20, 2010 02:09PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Arsène d'Arsonval (1851-1940), was a scientist and a doctor from Limousin, France.

Arsène d'Arsonval (1851-1940), was a scientist and a doctor from Limousin, France, who, at the turn of the century, while still working on high-frequencies electrotherapy, showed a real experimental mastery in the study of matter and phenomena in which pressure, volume and temperature interfere. Then, around the regulation or variation of those, he allowed the expansion of important industrial applications.

For examples:

-      in 1890 putting to use of a filtration process for organic liquids, high-pressured liquefied carbonic acid (today it is called extraction with CO2 supercritical or superfluid)

-      in 1902, his support to Georges Claude for liquid air industrial production,

-      in 1906, his works on freeze-drying with Frederic Bordas *.

 Arsène d'Arsonval met chemist Dimitri Mendeleyev and several Nobel prizes: MM: Lippmann, Becquerel, Röntgen, Kamerlingh Onnes, Curie.  He wrote a preface for Paul Besson's "Radium and radioactivity "- Gauthier - Villars – Paris - 1904 - a short book, for general readers, explaining Mr. Becquerel and Mr. and Mrs Curie's discoveries


 * “first setting in 1906“, a lyophilisation experiment, which is reproducible.

Topic: hands-on activities, exhibition Audience: general public, secondary schools, high schools
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