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safety world with Green Chemistry

Idea by Elham Hosseini Bab Anari   |   added on Jul 12, 2010 12:32AM Suggestion Suggestion
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The effect of research and results on environment

I believe that, the effect of each research on environment should be consider as the basic, in fact we should convince the researchers to combine green chemistry by their research and for example it should be mentioned that, one of the most important qualification of achivement of any prize, such as nouble, is the safety of research for environment and the researchers  has considered the green chemistry in his or her research.

Topic: environment, climate change, water quality Audience: scientists, professional chemists, post graduate students, international


sulekha Rani
Jul 20, 2010 06:34AM


ya correct... develop new technology about green chemistry and reserches will help for our better living...

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