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IYC Activities in Indonesia

Idea by Yessi Permana   |   added on Jul 07, 2010 02:34AM Collaboration Collaboration
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This is a brief description of planned activities carried out by the Indonesian Chemical Society to celebrate the IYC 2011.

To celebrate the IYC 2011, the Indonesian Chemical Society (HKI) plans and carries out a number of Chemistry-related activities as follows.

1. International Conference, Riau, August 2011
2. Books Exhibition (Chemistry-related books written by Indonesian chemists), Jakarta, August 2011
3. Nobel Laureate Lecture, Jakarta, August  2011
4. Official speech from the President of Republic of Indonesia regarding the IYC celebration in Indonesia, Jakarta, August 2011

5. New HKI-Logo design contest, Bandung, Juni 2010 (accomplished)

6. Drawing contest for kids (theme: chemistry-related drawing), Bandung, March 2011.

7. National Science Olympiad for high school students, Bandung, March 2011.

8. Launching Chemistry-related stamps (in collaboration with PT. Pos Indonesia), Bandung, March 2011.

9. Launching "One Family One Periodic Table" project (in collaboration with, August 2011.

10. Launching "Chemistry Comics" in bahasa Indonesia (in collaboration with, August 2011.

Please come and join us at

Topic: science fair, periodic table, chemistry olympiad, exhibition, seminars, engaging the youth, conferences, stamp Audience: secondary schools, students, school children, educators, scientists, professional chemists, tertiary education, high schools, teachers, regional, post graduate students, iyc enthusiasts, global
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