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Chemical parlour games

Idea by Daniel Svozil   |   added on May 26, 2010 11:53AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Design of various parlour games with chemical topics.

We propose to link widely known parlour games with chemical topics. As an example can server ludo, where the number of points on the eight-sided dice presents the oxidation number, and player moves accordingly on the board with formulas of various oxides. We also propose to make a web system, where users can upload their own sets of topics (e.g. various pieces in dominoes, various themes for jigsaw, etc.), and the matrices will then be generated in the form of printable pdf document(s). Once we design such games, they can be made and used as educational or proportional tools.

We already have ideas for several classical games (ludo, dominoes, jigsaw, canasta, quartets, black jack, marriage), however, we welcome any ideas and proposals.

Topic: game, educational activities, chemistry promotion Audience: general public, school children, tertiary education, students, educators, secondary schools
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