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Periodic table to encourage highschool students

Idea by sharare masoumi   |   added on May 17, 2010 09:55AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Preparation of a periodic table by students through elementary projects, including a poster about each element, study about the properties of each element in their lives and health, and a seminar, etc.

a large periodic table that preapared by students ,everyone in the group select an element and preapare aposter abouth that,include of:symbol of element,atomic number,atomic weight,apictiture or caricator about element and our life,and asentence abouth that.then these posters form a large periodic table and in a fraun the volunteer students would have a conference and with some other science fair projects we will celeberate the iyc.

Topic: periodic table, project Audience: general public, highschool students
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