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Brazilian Activities for celebration of the IYC 2011

Idea by Vanderlan Bolzani   |   added on May 13, 2010 02:23AM Collaboration Collaboration
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Plan of activities prepared by the Brazilian Chemical Society to be implemented in all Brazilian regions aiming to stimulate young people's interest in chemistry and educating a new scientist generation, committed to the solutions to the world problems aiming a better quality of life for humankind.


- The periodical table must available in every public school offering courses of primary education from the 6th to the 9th year, and at all public high schools throughout Brazil. This initiative follows the example set by developed countries whereby spaces dedicated to the teaching of chemistry have periodic tables in order to allow the students to familiarize themselves with this important learning tool.

- The creation of a website specific to the AIQ 2011 project. This portal will function as a notice board and hub for all activities related to the project online, as well as listing all of the project’s sponsors. The SBQ has already registered and activated the following domain:

- From 2010 onwards, unrestricted and free access to the QNInt site will be made possible. This project of the current board of the SBQ, which can be seen at this address: The site will be accessible to anyone looking for support in their chemistry formation with spaces dedicated to students, teachers and resources such as discussion forums allowing opportunities for greater interaction.

- As of 2010, QUID+, a chemistry site for children and young adults, will be given free access. The project, designed by the current board of the SBQ, is timed at stimulating an interest in chemistry through the use of playful language, adapting current scientific information, interviews with researchers, and constructing themed exercises and games.

- The production of a book containing 20 chemical experiments, designed especially to be carried out in the classroom and a 01 kit which will be chosen in a competition organized by the SBQ.

-The launch, in 2011, of a written essay competition about the importance of and the image of chemistry for children and young people following collaborative work with the Brazilian Association of Industrial Chemistry: Associação Brasileira da Indústria Química (ABIQUIM). In order to put together an action plan to improve chemistry teaching at a national level.

- The organization of site visits that allow the public education network to access factories and Institution of research.

- The development of activities designed to spread knowledge and understanding of chemistry in collaboration with representatives from the industrial sector, such as the ABIQUIM, and with the academic scientific sector. Through collaboration with the ABIQUIM, the objective is to produce a clear picture of how young people, from primary education all the way up to university education, understand and interact with chemistry. Based on this picture, the idea is to produce a document aimed at improving chemistry education by producing a universal base.  Such a document could also undoubtedly be capable of orientating future public policy regarding sustainable national development and would be of great relevance to both the public and private sectors.

- We intend to perform a national study of public opinion in order to diagnose the current state of chemistry in the eyes of the Brazilian public with specific focus on aspects pertaining to education. The objective is to look in detail at the existing image of chemistry in education and the public domain and to see what action is necessary in order to better inform society of chemistry’s importance as well as providing incentives for engaging in debate about the future of chemistry in this country.

- The commemoration of the centenary of Maria Sklodowska Curie’s acceptance of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The organization of a parallel event: the Annual Meeting of the SBQ’s “WOMEN CHEMISTS IN SCIENCE”

Topic: divulgation of chemical sciences Audience: general public, school children, students, tertiary education, educators, regional, brazil, secondary schools
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