International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Teaching Methodology

Idea by Gurinder singh Sahota   |   added on Dec 02, 2011 09:20PM Discussion Discussion
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Teaching generally emphasizes the basic concepts and ignore the excitement and application part of chemistry.

Don't confuse the students with soo many basic concepts of chemistry. let them feel free. arouse their interest how chemistry is involved in everyday routine like materials, technology, medicine, paints etc. so that they can get a feel. when they would become interested in any discipline of chemistry, they automatically tend to learn that chemistry themselves, which will make them self learner. tell them how they can start innovative business in chemistry. do not force them to get a degree with good marks. teacher should make them approachable to students. their research quality would be upgraded if they genereate enthuiasm for the chemistry among the students.students should feel proud to be a chemist. otherwise students having no interest, innovation will continue to dominate. now a days, even i observe that phd degree is normal for students who donot even now what chemistry is all about. students smust be innovative and quick learner as the most of students are in iits of india. 

Topic: engaging the youth Audience: students, general public, teachers, scientists, global
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