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Chemistry club in every school

Idea by Mohamed wessim Mahouachi   |   added on Nov 04, 2011 05:58PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Every child in this earth has the right to know that chemistry is very imporatnt in our daily life and it's very useful

Every child in this earth has the right to know that chemistry is very important in our daily life and it's very useful.....It's time to wake up and think about our world : pollution, energie, food, medicine: our futur.......I am asking every headmaster of a school to make from today a Chemistry club,i'm asking from teachers and professors not to keep volunteering at a bay.....It's your duty to make a change in this children's life....One word,one experience,one explanation can enlighten some one's mind so don't be greedy with your informations.......The key  is in your hand...And with that key you can open my life and a lot of others' lives on a new world where we can join this univers in his fight for progress

Hey profssors in Tunisia,Moroco,Algeria,France,Germany,Mali, Chile, China,United States of America..... your love for success and progress must be insatiable

One last word make a change and never forget that you still have to know more "the most imprtant

Topic: engaging the youth, hands-on activities, experiments, workshops, presentations, history of chemistry, exhibition, environment, competition, science fair, seminars, climate change, chemistry olympiad, game, show, periodic table, play, drawing competition Audience: students, general public, secondary schools, teachers, scientists, high schools, school children, educators, professional chemists, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts, international, researchers, tertiary education, global, decision makers, post graduate students, post secondary students
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