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Spectacular Chemistry

Idea by Karthik Adiga   |   added on Oct 29, 2011 02:40PM Suggestion Suggestion
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We ( students) find Chemistry interesting,when we see so many things such as :Colours of different solutions, Reaction of Sodium in water,etc., students tend to learn when they practically enjoy and involve themselves..... A good alternative for those who find, restrict chemistry to be a subject related with writing eqns.,

for example :

When NaBr is treated with Carbon tetra Chloride and Cl water,an orange globule is formed,which is so spectacular and by this the student understands the analysis of II group Acid radical.

 Also Bromine is associated with Orange

Nitrogen,compounds with Orange red,

Iodine with Violet,

and Ferrum with Green etc.... which makes the student to recognize various types of compounds, and hence can be encouraged to understand the mechanism behind those changes!

Topic: experiments Audience: students, tertiary education
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