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solar spray

Idea by Athul A   |   added on Oct 22, 2011 11:01AM Discussion Discussion
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solar spray, a new way of utilizing the solar energy created by nanotechnology . Using the solar sprays we can create products ranging from solar umbrellas to buildings with all the exterior glass a generating electricity . This technology's end product would more efficient, cleaner, stronger, CHEAPER than traditional panels.

  1. This all about the whole new technology of solar sprays. This new technology is a creation of nanotechnology and works using  subatomic nanoparticles called "quantam dots" which are combined with polymers.
  2. This would result in whole new revolution of solar products ranging from solar umbrellas to solar shirts to buildingin which all the exterior glasses are having capacity to generate electricity.
  3. The final product produced usins the solar spray would be CHEAPER, compactable and far more efficient. This is one of the ways in which chemistry is going to create a better and creative future and may open up new fields for utilzing solar energy, SO WILL CREATE A BETTER WAY......................................... 

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Karthik Adiga
Oct 29, 2011 02:27PM

A good Idea!

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