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Science Weekends

Idea by Abhishek kumar Sinha   |   added on Sep 28, 2011 08:04AM Suggestion Suggestion
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Every weekends should be dedicated to science. Chemistry in life should be discussed in home, school, locality and also on social networking sites.

We all should try our level best in spreading chemistry. For eg. at my level i have made a website which provides a free base to take knowledge and share it. As it is free any one can participate in that. Similarly as team i collected my close friends and started a blog. We recorded lecture, vedio etc. This is not a matter to be prepared on because we can only do this by changing our view to chemistry because we use chemistry in our day to day life.

Topic: engaging the youth, experiments, workshops, conferences, presentations, exhibition, science fair, seminars Audience: secondary schools, teachers, students, general public, scientists, high schools, school children, educators, professional chemists, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts, researchers, international, tertiary education, global, decision makers, post graduate students, regional, post secondary students
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