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convartion of waste plastics in tiles

Idea by Pooja Lakshmi   |   added on Sep 07, 2011 08:28AM Discussion Discussion
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collect waste plastics from home with help of daily labour and store it in proper storageand recycle this in to tiles by mixing it with babymetal.

Convertion of Wasteplastics in to Tiles.

  • collect waste plastic
  • store it
  • mix with babymetal & heat it at very high temperature &pressure
  • pour the output  in to the vessel
  • keep load on it
  • we will get the tiles of desired shape.

Topic: exhibition Audience: general public


Prabhavathy Rajan
Sep 13, 2011 03:23PM

what is babymetal?

Pooja Lakshmi
Sep 15, 2011 11:36AM

small metal using for constructions.

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