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The importance of the chemistry in our Life

Idea by Julio Meneses   |   added on Aug 18, 2011 05:24PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Everything around us is chemistry. The clothes that we use, the food that we eat, the gasoline that we use to drive our cars, sometimes we donĀ“t realize the importance of a chemist in the industry, we are part of the scientists that chance the world.

Every part of our world is chemistry, everything is chemistry. The human body is compounded by a million of atoms that form molecules, then organs, then systems. Sometimes people don´t know how many years, how many experiments, how much time, does the scientists need to create, to inovate, such like a new flavour of gum, or a new color to paint our house,etc.  My suggestion is to create a program which educate people  about topics of chemistry and demostrate to them the value and the importance of the chemistry in our life.

Topic: experiments, conferences, presentations, history of chemistry, exhibition, science fair, chemistry olympiad, periodic table Audience: students, general public, teachers, scientists, iyc enthusiasts, international, global, decision makers
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