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how can we make chemistry more interesting..???

Idea by Raj Shah   |   added on Jul 28, 2011 04:20PM Suggestion Suggestion
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there are many people in the world who do not understand chemistry....chemistry should be made more easy, interesting and fun can these be done...???

when we say chemistry from our mouth...some people find it very boring...and some interesting....i want the other people to like chemistry....chemistry is one of my most favourite subject....i like it very much...i always enjoy chemistry and chemistry enjoys me....its fun learning about the things which we use in our everyday life....isn't it fun...??? its good to see that this year is dedicated to chemistry....we get to know about new things and learn something new.....i want the other people who dont understand chemistry, who are not aware of the things they learn these can these be done..??? i want your help.....

Topic: engaging the youth Audience: students, general public, teachers, scientists, international


Squid Bait
Aug 29, 2011 12:28AM

A good way to start is by combining things they are already interested with chemistry. I combined photography to get a photo scavenger hunt, clothes can be combined into a material science fashion show that highlights the importance of chemistry in materials, I combined the love of food with factory tours and guest speaker on the chemistry of food, I'm trying to setup a science mystery where you use science to solve...making it social, educational, fun, interactive and easy to learn. I'll be looking for 365 ideas to be used beyond IYC.

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