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Chemistry and Poland

Idea by Marcin Chlystun   |   added on Jul 20, 2011 09:24AM Suggestion Suggestion
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The next 6 months between July 2011 and December 2011 are under Polish Presidency of the European Union. This is perhaps a good moment to turn the attention to the Polish Embassy in Kenya for collaboration on prospective projects promoting chemistry.

Chemistry in Poland is a very strong science and historically Maria Curie - the double Noble prize winner was polish (Maria Sklodowska- Curie as we are used to call her in Poland).

To promote chemistry in Kenya one could think of an even where polish embassy could present the life and work of Maria Curie. Additionally other EU countirs could present other especially women chemists and their life. This could be related to the information on how to study chemistry in EU.

Please do contact me for further details or directly the embassy of Poland in Nairobi.


With best wishes,



Topic: engaging the youth, history of chemistry, chemistry olympiad Audience: students, teachers, scientists, professional chemists, researchers, decision makers
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