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chemistry assistance in central africa

Idea by Ilunga Nsenga   |   added on Jul 11, 2011 03:00PM Suggestion Suggestion
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increasing of assistance in to people in central africa trough chemistry

i am a student in south africa but my country is in DRC  exactly at the province of KATANGA

It very difficult to see people there ,in this century crying out about different kind of deases, caused by using water wich doesn"t have a quality of being used or because there no intrument qualify to assist them , therefore as a congolese , i apply this suggestion so that people can survive


Now a day we have chemistry which is all about lives, can we find a way together to help out those area by investing in water , medecine , food , by protecting also the environment which if not can creat the desaster around the earth , by doing so we are not only helping them but also we are doing a best participation in the community , we are making the chemistry useful

your conrcen on this suggestion is extremly important for each life saved will wear your assistance

your faithful

Topic: water quality, environment Audience: students
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