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Making this website a 2.0 experience

Idea by Javier Garcia-Martinez   |   added on Feb 03, 2010 03:18PM Collaboration Collaboration
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Making a 2.0 experience by adding links to the main social networking sites. The Facebook IYC group has already ca. 600 active and motivated members, mainly young students from all around the World. Connecting the official IYC website with the 2.0 web will likely increase its impact, synergism and creativity

During the IUPAC General Assembly in Glasgow, I created a Facebook group for the International Year of Chemistry. What started as an experiment, today is an active group of 600 young and motivated individuals from all around the World.

My idea is about connecting this website with Facebook (and also other social networking sites) to engage the youth and increase its impact. 

I have already linked to my Facebook IYC group, and it will be great if this website will include icons with links to Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Flickr,...

For those of you in Facebook, visit:


Javier Garcia Martinez

Topic: internet, engaging the youth, media, 2.0 Audience: general public, youth, international, educators


Albert Ahatov
Apr 15, 2010 06:37PM

isnt it connected to facebook yet?

VĂ­ctor Roda
May 01, 2010 01:29AM

Great idea, Javier! I'm in the facebook group.

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