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Message from Mr.N.M.S.Hettigedera, Chairman, Steering Committee IYC 2011 National Secretariat (Sri Lanka)

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IYC 2011 presents the best opportunity for us to go out and tell the world the true picture of chemistry and how chemistry has contributed to the well-being of humanity. It will also elevate the position of Chemistry profession. SL needs the support and involvement of the chemical industry and other relevant organizations.


Message from Mr.N.M.S.Hettigedera, Chairman, Steering Committee IYC 2011

                  National Secretariat (Sri Lanka)

On behalf of the National Secretariat IYC 2011 (Sri Lanka) I extend a very warm welcome to all of you to visit and the websites and learn  Sri Lanka’s IYC Activities!
Chemistry has contributed to the well being of human kind in all spheres of life. The declaration of the year 2011 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the UNESCO under the unifying theme ‘Chemistry - our life, our future’ amply emphasizes the importance of chemistry in our life.  Chemistry will be celebrated by people from all over world in 2011. The National Secretariat of the Institute of Chemistry, being the national body of chemists in Sri Lanka, will also be celebrating IYC 2011 in Sri Lanka in a big way.

 IYC 2011 is jointly sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and UNESCO. With the theme, Chemistry – Our Life, Our Future, IYC aims to:

The International Year of Chemistry 2011 aims to:

  1. increase public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs;
  2. increase the interest of young people in chemistry;
  3. generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry and;
  4. celebrate the 100th anniversary of Madame Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies.

IYC 2011 provides us with an opportunity to make the public aware and appreciate the immense contributions of chemistry to human well-being. Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, as the National Adhering Organisation (NAO) is joining force with IUPAC and UNESCO to engage the public, especially the younger generation, to recognise, appreciate and celebrate the positive roles of chemistry.

The following organizations in Sri Lanka have been involved in IYC activities in various forms such as providing advice and guidance, cooperation and collaboration, sponsoring, providing donations, proving stalls etc.

 State Organizations: Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Technology and Research, Ministry of National Heritage, Ministry of Media and Information, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication.


International Organizations: Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO.


Academic Institutions: Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, College of Chemical Sciences, Leading Universities of Sri Lanka.


Government Statutory Organizations: National Science Foundation, National Aquaculture Development Authority, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Bandaranaike International Conference Hall (BMICH),Philatelic Bureau of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Tourism, Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Bureau.


Private Sector Industrialists : Unilevers (Sri Lanka), Maliban Biscuit Manufactories Ltd, Maliban Milk Products ltd,  Sevenseaa UK, Abbot Diagnostics.


Media Organizations : Independent Television Networks , Sirasa TV, Swarnawahini TV, Associated Newspapers Ceylon Ltd.(Lake House), Lakhanda Broadcasting Service, Nelus Advertising Agency

 With the assistance of the Steering Committee planning activities of IYC 2011 were conducted and a practical programme to contribute to the objectives of IYC was developed.

 The activities planned for the IYC 2011

 are as follows:

          1)      Official inauguration of IYC 2011

2)      CHEMEX 2011 exhibition and trade fair

3)      Training  seminars and workshops for industry and the students

4)      News releases and publication of articles and supplements

5)      Publication of IYC special issues : ‘Chemistry in Sri Lanka’

6)      Public Awareness programmes / cultural programmes /chemical magic shows

7)      Branding of IYC- production of IYC key tags, tea shirts and pens, caps etc.

8)      Production and  distribution of Home organizer, school children daily organizer specially designed for branding of IYC 2011 at domestic level

9)      Production and distribution of School bags, tea shirts and diary

10)   Printing of IYC 2011 Calendar

11)   Development of IChemC  & industry interrelations

12)   Conducting ‘chemistry days’ at schools

13)   Conducting essay competitions

14)   Establishment of IYC 2011 scholarships

15)   Establishment of mobile laboratory units

16)   Conducting art competitions

17)   Increased coverage for all island interschool chemistry quiz programmes

18)   ‘Education for All‘-  increase of publicity for Diploma in Laboratory Technology course and Chemistry Graduateship programme

19)   Participating in the feeding of information to the IYC website:

20)   Publication of an IYC 2011 souvenir at the end of the year

 Ceremonial Inauguration of IYC 2011

In keeping with the official opening ceremony at UNESCO headquarters in Paris from January 27th-28th 2011, the IYC 2011 in Sri Lanka was ceremonially inaugurated at Bandaranaike International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo on 27th January 2011 by Hon. Prof. Tissa Vitharana Sr. Minister of Scientific Affairs by lighting the traditional oil lamp.

CHEMEX 2011 Exhibition and Trade Fair

 CHEMEX 2011 Exhibition and Trade Fair was also ceremonially inaugurated on the 27th April 2011 by the Hon. Sr. Minister of Scientific Affairs. CHEMEX 2011 was organized by the IYC National Secretariat of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon as part of the IYC activities lined up for 2011 for the celebration of achievements of chemistry and chemical sciences.

 Commemorative Postage Stamp

 A commemorative postage stamp printed by the Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon was issued on the 30th of January 2011, as a special event for celebration of achievements of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences in keeping with the objectives of the declaration of IYC 2011 by the UN.

 Avurudu Asiriya’ - IYC 2011 Cultural Programme

 This unique cultural programme was held on the 3rd of April 2011 at Janakala Kendraya, Pelewatte , Battaramulla , Sri Lanka with the participation of more than 600  persons including members of Institute of Chemistry, visitors, family members, students and  children.

 IYC 2011 presents the best opportunity for us to go out and tell the world the true picture of chemistry and how chemistry has contributed to the well-being of humanity. It will also elevate the position of the Chemistry profession. We need the support and involvement of the chemical industry and other relevant organizations to do this. In fact, Chemistry is our life, our future.

I would like to invite local and foreign donor agencies to take an active part in the IYC 2011 activities and assist the National Secretariat of Sri Lanka in the implementation of the programmes planned for 2011. 

Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, experiments, workshops, conferences, presentations, competition, science fair, seminars, chemistry olympiad Audience: general public, scientists, educators, professional chemists, iyc enthusiasts, international, global, researchers, decision makers
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