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Chemical Art, a particular research of PHD position

Idea by Simon Raffy   |   added on May 19, 2011 06:00AM Collaboration Collaboration
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Most of us try to use popular science for explain chemistry to the general public. It's not the only way : my goal is to fabricate chemical sculpture like dynamics systeme. We can fascinate the public with beautiful visual effect to increase there curiosity.

     I don't know if it's the same all over the world, but in France, when I say : "I am a chemist", most of the people say my : " you could make some bomb". We have somethink to do, our goal is to build with atome, not to destroy. The world is going to take the "sciences way" and most of then a totally accept but, for Chemistry, we beging from nothink. Worse, everybody are scare about that because there don't know our science.

     To explain science, a new way come out: the sublimation of the public. Some science alfeady us it : Optic, Informatic, Electronic, Biologie... (the Media Lab of the MIT is a perfect exemple).We have to explore this way with Chemistry. When I will create a chemical sculpture, I hope people will see it's Chemistry in action before there eyes. I we continu to just make some simplification,I think the general public will never try to understand by thenself, there will just listen during 10 minute a few of simplified Chemistry. It's will keep a part of mistery and people will just put it in a part of there brain.

     We have 2 way to explain Chemistry to the general public : using popular science or try to create some passion and, I hope, some vocation.

     I we know focus on art, more and more science are using now but we have one of the most beautiful media in our hand. We can play with oscilating reaction, rheologie, different kind ok luminescence, chirality, piezoelectricity....all is open.

     I came here because you are a lot from our community. I try to find a realy particular PHD position and I hope some of you can help my : Chemical sculpture with the goal I explain before. I have some project on that but I can't do anythink because I don't have any money (I am a student in end of master degree).

I apologie for my spelling, I am a french dyslexic.

(Ps : my link is not up to date, it's old work)

Topic: show, exhibition, experiments, presentations, art, sculpture, history of chemistry Audience: general public, students, teachers, scientists, global, professional chemists., international, iyc enthusiasts
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