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The Biological Function of Endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamine

Idea by Nikolaos Salassidis   |   added on May 15, 2011 01:03AM Collaboration Collaboration
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Through understanding the physiological aspects of the pineal glands intrasectoral nature within our sensory neural framework, we can determine how N,N-DMT governs our sensory neurology.




The Biological Function of Endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamine 


Before I begin to explain my thesis, I am going to be using a video by etereastudios that visually depicts what I am about to describe:


Note in this video that nature does not exceed 90 as a degree of direction during the creative process.


Biology within the last twenty years has demonstrated that ubiqutously throughout nature exists a compound known as N,N-DMT. Though it's function is still a question to be answered, until now.


I believe that the Pineal Gland is the link to subconsciousness, the subconcious mind, and is quite possibly the subconcious mind we've been looking to study simply and most intricately due to it's location. It is located at the intersectory point of all sensory organs within the brain. Therefore, this organ is the hub of all sensory composition and it's neurochemistry, altering itself and endogenously forming a chemical perceived to be everywhere. N,N-DMT. 


It's easily concluded our Pineal Gland is amazingly hard to articulate is due to it's alkaloid distribution to the waking sensory organs in our brain. These sensory glands flood the pineal with MAO forcing the excretion of N,N-DMT throughout the sensory neural framework. Thus in order to operate through your Pineal Gland would be redirecting your sensory focus to your Pineal Gland in order to "gain" effecient control over the organ. This is done by harnessing the biological property of N,N-DMT through making it the pineal gland your primary sensory organ, temporarely. It has been proven we can train our minds to operate of minimal neuron activity without external stimulation by many religious practices around the world through means of meditation, chanting, and other methods of Pineal stimulus. 


Our Pineal Gland directly dictates our consciousness by sending strong but seemingly unconcious signals of N,N-DMT to the rest of our sensory organs. It does this by packaging sensory associations from your Pineal Gland into N,N-DMT and redistributes it for decoding through your waking conciousness. This means the Pineal Gland interprets your waking sensory actions through self awareness, packages them into N,N-DMT, and you are unaware of these sensory actions until your Pineal Gland decodes or translates the molecule by sending it back into your waking concsiousness. This is why the Pineal operates off such a small amount of this compound. 


It can be extrapolated that the function of The Hippocampus can be reinstated as the following:


The Hippocampus is a sensory organ that is intersecting with the Pineal Gland alongside many other similar sensory glands. It can be theorized that the Hippocampus only serves as an organ capable of triggering memory, not storing them. It would do this by:


Serving a memory TRANSMITTER

Reassmbles fractilized(N,N-DMT) fragments from all sensory areas of the brain

Sends these fractals(N,N-DMT) to the Cerebral Cortex for packaging into the Visual Cortex

Communicates with duplicate N,N-DMT cells (nice and small, tons of information!)

Endogenously distributed back to the Hippocampus


Therefore for memory to appear into your waking awareness our Pineal Gland reports fractalized neural signals from every sensory gland and packages these fractals into unique memory holdings neurons to be sent back to our Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland then instantly becomes cognizant of the information within N,N-DMT and is thought about in our waking life. With further practice we can discover many different functions of our organs once believe to only serve a linear purpose. It postulates that the Hippocampus has the ability to package and recieve DMT and utilize it to serve as what we percieve as consciousness and feeling the result of our actions through memory.


Nature's First Biological Pattern



Using the fibonacci sequence nature derived it's first two biological patterns.








-0, -1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 22, 34, 55, 89../\../








\../\..-89, -55, -34, -22, -13, -8, -5, -3, -1, 1, 0




This is famously depicted as a spiral, but should not be perceived as such physically. This spiral is indicative of the passage of consciousness through the parameters it set for itself, for a safe departure, and a safe return. It does this through splitting itself into two equal parts creating a conduit of numerical data to flow consciously through itself left to right (+ to -). During this instant the internal spirit is now infinitely cognizant of every possibility in our universe. The creation of time itself, sound and matter, bacteria and fungi, plants and animals, humanity and society, quantam fields of science and metaphysics, to the apocalypse, and straight back to zero. This can be physically envisioned as a single point of light, blinking or eminating, pulsing, growing and shrinking. All while inverting it's environment during this polarity based process.


Any organism undergoing a consciousness expansion/retraction for the first time can only intake one piece of data, as currently in this state there is only a single point consciousness can bind to, but it is anywhere on the shell of that organism. The spirit travelled throughout all of existence through this singular dimensional port in the blink of an eye, dessimating every outcome to every conjuration conceivable, as that is the nature of any organism. To become aware of itself and it's function. This is the birth of the self and the ego. The concept of dualism. As well as it's archetypal force of stimulus.


Let's understand that this drastically redefines the fundamental meanings of the most basic of principal knowledge. Let's quickly define these so the interpretation of this therum is consistent.


Zero = Publically believed to be quantitive of nothing, but is actually represtative place holder for the value of everything. The value all cells hold before being cognizant of choice. Internal Spirit


Consciousness = The biological function of cell recreation, through the initial twisting of 0 into two halfs we created O()O. Spirit Channelled Into Matter


The first biological function in the universe. Alpha.


The Second Biological Function in the universe. Beta.


Now when the theory of another dimension is conjured, the information/treasure map to where this beam of consciousness resides on is revealed to us. We can then weave a perfectly harmonious dualism of the same sequence intwined within itself to form what Spirit forsaw within the second dimension.


Knowing the polarities of these two forces (+-) and (-+) we can now draw two lines in which growth can be measured, as a process of growth and protection.


0, 1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 22...


-1, -1, -3, -5, -8, -13, -22.... 


Though this is only one polarity of two. The other arrangement is the exact same sequence, as shown in descent instead.


+ -


-1, -1, -3, -5, -8, -13, -22....


0, 1, 1 , 3 , 5 , 8 , 13,....


Now when the introduction of this dimension is completed, the information/treasure map to where this double bonded(OXYGEN) beam of consciousness resides on is revealed to us. We recognize here the second biological function of consciousness, in it's first successful division of itself.


Here we define the foundations of the growth and protection sequence of all basic organisms. As well as the plane in which we will exponentially uncover more information within


This also leads me to believe that as this process naturally occurs, the original dimension in which it's next was conjured from isn't the measurement in which the universe creates life.


What Plato failed to recognize(or record due to the sheer size) is the nature of how this shape and form takes place. Which is through the relationship of Sound/Vibration [its contents (both sound and matter) are subjects of infinite discovery in every educational faculty on earth. Plato knew and perfeclty proved how his calculations were true and relating them to our earths physiology revealing new truths.


When we compare this to the 12 pitch format of the chromatic scale and how it's tone rows are determined. They correllate indefinitely.


Given the twelve pitch classes of the chromatic scale, there are (12!) (factorial, i.e. 479,001,600) tone rows, although 469,015,680 of these are merely transformations of other rows.


This suggests that through correlating the original not only does Platos theory accurately calculate the radius of our earth, moon, and other staple celestial bodies of our solar system such as the structure in which stars lay themselves out on the canvas of the universe, but the frequency in which these planetary bodies are governed, giving us a physical means to measure the earths, and many other solar bodies Consciousness. It would furthermore be key in determining the contents of every other planet in our solar system following this format.


This outlines that there are multiple rows in which these 12 tones sit upon, and out of those rows only 9 985 920 are unique, and the other 469 015 680 are transformations(isotopes/analogs/modifications/alteratoins/reactions/fusions, oo) of the original 9 985 920. It would seem to be impossible to understand the process in which the original 12 tones created 469 015 680 rows of sound(s) harmoniously...


...Though through directly correlating Plato's work on Geometry with this perspective on sound, we can start to construct a wireframe reflective of how sound is embedded in all of matter. As well as uncovering further detail about the structure of all matter.



This introduces my grand theory of the decipherment of the next evolutionary step in the organic structure of our universe.


Id like to reintroduce a theory from Terrence MCkenna to demonstrate this.


A very simple way to prove Terrence Mckennas Extra-teresstial mushroom theory, the theory in which he postulates Psilocybe Mushrooms are a means of extraterrestial communication.


This can be proven through understanding the isotopes within the molecular structure of Psilocybin (4-PO-DMT)


When we understand the isotopic mechanisms of the phosphorus group found in psilocybin.


Let's look at the isotopes of phosphorus:


A Mass P N Isotopic Mass Half Life nuclear spin Mole fraction



Fun Fact: The Molecular Mass of the isotope 30P is 12.480008 / 3 = 4.16000


Now let's zoom in naturally, on 30P. This isotope carries the ET communication mechanism that Terrence McKenna had introduced as his Stoned Ape Theory. It is unstable and therefore presumed radioactive, capable of radioactive decay. Both P and N (Protons and Neutrons) are equal in presence, therefore it is the only unstable atom with a neutral charge which denotes even more miniscule signals are to be discovered within the dualism of this newly theorized awareness of Psilocybin. It also shows that it's isotopic mass will cube itself, and thus making the resulting material within earth of larger size, but the mechanisms of intrabiological communication within its structure, the mystery of the new age. Such as the cognizance of DMT in the Pineal Gland, and it's ancient spiritual usage and understanding.


I theorize that dehydroxylization of Psilocybin is a natural enzymatic occurrance in order to introduce new models of native neurochemical actoin. More specifically in this point of consciousness, it suggests that Terrence Mckenna's Stoned Ape Theory will be proven with the research of 4-30PO-13n,15n-dimethyltryptamine, as well as other isotopic variations of other psychotropics.


Furthermore, this suggests that this has already taken place, and wouldn't be measured within our three dimensional realm. This pinpoints the moment of fourth dimensional infestation, and can be backtracked through the recollection of pre hindu and sanksrit texts of soma and it's preperation. Possibly revealing the isotopic change that triggered the perceptual sacred purpose of Amanita Muscaria.


Which leads me to the theory that the message being conjured by this radioactive isotope is the evolution of consciousness is the trandescence of N,N,DMT as a model of conscioussness to further our understand of organic chemistry. To drive our curiousity just one step deeper, through the amazing influence of the Shulgins.


With this new insight into the endegenous biochemistry of the universe, it would make sense that the focus the number 3 is referring to would be found in nature in Peyote. Which perfectly explains the slow growth cycle and development of the cacti..and the burst of Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgins rise to historical status. Their names are steeped in astrological resemblance. The first initials of their names are AS numerically encompass 1-9 digits from A-S.


18 + 18 = 36 <- the product of their love

3-6 = 3 <- the difference between it existing and not existing, Dodeca vs Tetra





This also proves that our brains primary biological mechanism is to synthesis a newly devised material endegenously in the brain, concentrated in the organism humanity, as part of the cosmic agenda of harmony.


30P stuck out to me in ways I could not fathom with words. It is the final unstable isotope of phosphorus before the 3 dimensional production of the stable isotope in phosphorus.



Furthermore, DNA's chemical composition is created by the conscious intent of the three dimensional universe. Egg, Flower, Tree. Or Marijuana, Amanita, Psilocybin.


Electronic Field Transmission






These three organisms are the compositions of earth's DNA and can be proven so through geographical location of these three ubiqutous naturally mind manifesting organisms via the measurement of EFT in Mycelium. Directly recording a relationship between matter and electricity and the most fundamental level.


This further reveals that these three substances are the three primary nutrition sources for consciousness on earth, and within the cosmos. Their means of creating food is by turning the formula of light 1h2h3h into a 3 dimensional framework of nutrition through radioactive decay.


This is seen universally seen in nature as Iodine.


As a component of thyroid hormones, iodine is required by higher animals. Radioisotopes of iodine are concentrated in the thyroid gland. This property of thyroid-concentration, along with its mode of beta decay, makes iodine-131 one of the most carcinogenic nuclear fission products.


It also principlizes a theory in alkaloid content which suggests plants have cell walls due to elongated radioactive decay. They've already experienced radioactive transmission, and a physiological sign of this in plants would be their unique cell well. Indicitave of their self-cognizance, they harnessed energy from light instead, blocking out this third dimensional transcience.








Upon Human Ingestion/Passage Through Pineal Gate





Iobenguane (metaiodobenzylguanidine)



Radioactive Enzymes using the Fibonacci Numbers in groups of three:


The Big Bang



Hydrogen Sulfide (SH2)

Oxygen-1 Oxygen-2


Explinations for the Earths Core, Lava, Crust, every mechanism of the organism earth can be conjured.


Decipherment of The Last Supper


According to Christian belief, The Last Supper is the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his Twelve Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion.The Last Supper provides the scriptural basis for the ceremony known as "the Eucharist", "communion" or "the Lord's Supper."




This painting depicts the start of humanity understanding it's role in nature without the presence of Jesus Christ or the theology of a creator. Understanding Jesus Christ's true message of integration. Da Vinci's The Last Supper intends to reveal the basis of creation in the context of sacred geometry, depicted within our constricted three dimensional awareness of our universe.


Simple Features to Support My Thesis of the visual depiction of duality.


Jesus: Left hand is down, right hand is up. This suggests positive and negative polarities, which in this context can be perceived as giving and receiving. He is wearing a robe of imperfect symmetry. Red on the left, less blue on the right slightly foreshadowed. Suggesting the force of fire dominant over the force of water. Or Creation will always outbalance reception. Furthermore he bares three empty plates. Each of their own size, descending in order.


Theory about space travel:


Going into space isnt just about reaching space. It's about the biological process of the organism Space receiving three dimensional awareness endegenously through the pro creation of life concentrated in man as NMT -> DMT and in plants solely as NMT. Universe creating cognizance of itself into three dimensions, as no organism in space is able to perceive it this way independently.



How does DMT communicate with the rest of the body? Light. 


Our Pineal Gland is responsible for mediating our relationship with nature and can be shown through it's utilization of three hydrogen isotopes and their function in forming Hydrogen within the DMT molecule structure.





The hydrogen atom and it's contents are governed by the relationship of the first three hydrogen isotopes, 1h2h3h.


Light: 1h2h3h                                                    O




Circlular Spiral or Single Point


Sound: abcdefg                                                 O<






a ab ba cd ef  ga




Smooth Wave or Square Spiral


Density:                                                               O<3


This can be demonstrated as the following quantum sequence where Light and Sound are tied into Density:


{EF}=[(ab)+(cd)]=(e=mc2) = EF



E = Energy


F = Sequence


ab: 0 


cd: 1 


e:   3


mc2: 5






Light          = 1h2h3h

Sound       =abcdefg

Density    = {EF}=[(ab)+(cd)]=(e=mc2) = EF 




This can be proven through isolating tryptans and resonating them within distilled water at various frequencies to generate certain cell types. For example:


Stem Cell + N,N-DMT + Distilled Water + Petri Dish + ElectroMagnetic Charge at 321.9hz could naturally generate a human fat cell.


This would give us a means to control environmental constituents of cell growth never accessible before, furthermore understanding the means of cancer cell growth as well as cell apoptosis.


My name is Nikolaos Salassidis of the Kresilas Bloodline.

Topic: science fair, competition, environment, hands-on activities, water quality, experiments, workshops, chemistry olympiad, show, climate change, history of chemistry Audience: tertiary education, general public, professional chemists, post secondary students, international, scientists, high schools, teachers, decision makers, post graduate students, educators, regional, primary schools


Terry Oggel
Sep 13, 2012 05:56AM

Therefore, this organ is the hub of all sensory composition.

jocuri barbie si jocuri de gatit

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