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Applying chemistry to society by youth

Idea by Rahma Yanda   |   added on May 07, 2011 12:55PM Collaboration Collaboration
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International activities doing by youth from around the world who have passion to participate. Kind of activities are applying chemistry solution for energy and environmental problems, guided by professional researcher and Youth who wants to join should be trained before doing their action to their society.

I think it's interesting idea since chemistry became an important science to learn to solve many problems. So many invention that chemists found in the last decade which are useful to handle problems.

In this activity, it will not too focus on the research area from the beginning, but more focus on how to apply the possible solution directly to our society. Generally, this are the steps:

- We can choose first which society needs to help.

- Discuss about what kind of chemistry solution that could be applied to this area. Are the solutions possible to do by youth that comes from various background.

- Deciding what kind of training that needed to do, who will be the guider (researchers)

- make the schedules of the activities

- After doing the activities or program, we should reviewing what we have done (about the obstacles) then make the conclusion and also suggestion for the next program.

- we could make seminar, exhibition, and also campaign about what we have done and invite more youth to join.

Topic: engaging the youth, workshops, environment, science fair, climate change, seminars, presentations, exhibition Audience: scientists, professional chemists, iyc enthusiasts, post graduate students
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