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Egyptian conjugation between agriculture and chemistry workshop

Idea by Rania Abd el-wahab   |   added on May 07, 2011 03:42AM Collaboration Collaboration
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it'll be egyptian cermony and I hope that you'll agree and share in it.It's about the all fields of agriculture which the chemistry plays strong role of it,and we'll invite beside specialists,farmers and other public to talk with them about the main role of chemistry in the daily lifeand how we must understand it.

it's an idea depending on co-operation between my institute and you.It'll be official cermony in some ways and public in others.The main part of it will be about the effect of chemistry on agriculture which contains many depts.,agronomy,water,climate change,pesticides,entolmology,mycolog,...etc.The other side will depend on public,we'll sit with them talking about importance of chemistry and its effects even in the kitchen and taste of any dish they cook.So I'll be able to make a good team to organise that cermony but the main prob will be certainly is the fund because the not good economy in Egpt generally these days.

Topic: environment, climate change, workshops Audience: scientists, researchers, professional chemists, general public


Rupashree Dass
May 07, 2011 07:37AM

I think its a good idea...I only wish i could participate in something like this here in India :)

Noha Elnagdi
May 26, 2011 06:31AM

Hi Rania,

I think it is a great idea. I am an Egyptian that live and work in Saudi Arabia, I had a simillar idea to go to the public and talk to them about pros & cons of everyday chemicals and chemicals at home. We are going to launch this campange may be by comming October at King Saud University - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia as a part of the "chemistry club" activities that I am supervising. So, please give me more details about your institute and your plans so may be we can work together on a collaboration between your insitute and ours in doing such community service.

May God bless Egypt

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