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Changing habits- changing climates

Idea by Rupashree Dass   |   added on Apr 27, 2011 04:27PM Discussion Discussion
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little habits that make a big difference


Attended a one day workshop at TERI on "Climate Changes and Policies" this year. It opened my eyes to a lot of things i had never thought of.   I always boast about the fact that i throw garbage only in the dustbins and not on the outside road.Well after this workshop i had to ask myself.."what happens to the trash after i throw it in the dustbin?" "how can i be sure that its been treated in the proper manner at the garbage disposal units?"   I am a student of chemistry and everyday in my lab when am carrying out reactions in small test tubes i simply throw the chemicals into the drain at the end of my class without thinking for once where those chemicals are actually going.And in this process god knows how many litres of chemicals i throw into the drain everyday.   if i start looking at such little habits i have i would get to know in how many small ways i am Now this is where am stuck.Though the workshop motivated me but I want to ask my fellow iyc representatives how the answer to the above problems.How can i dispose of those chemicals that i use everyday in class in the right way? How can i be sure that the trash that i threw in the dustbin quite responsibly has been treated properly or is the plastic bag that i threw into the "blue coloured bin" is just going to fly away with the wind and is going to stay in the environment for the next 1000 years....... environment really does make u think right??

Topic: engaging the youth, workshops, environment, climate change Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, teachers, school children, educators, professional chemists, tertiary education, primary schools, iyc enthusiasts, researchers, global, post graduate students, post secondary students
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