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Idea by Valentín Ayesa   |   added on Mar 31, 2011 01:48PM Collaboration Collaboration
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The House Science Sevilla (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC) working with the Task Ludociencia to create a museum for the public school and family. For this year 2011, coinciding with the commemoration of International Year of Chemistry we have created interactive activities with the Fun Science method

The House Science Sevilla (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC)working with the Task Ludociencia to create a museum for the public school andfamily.

For this first year 2011, coinciding with the commemoration of International Year ofChemistry we have created interactive activities with the Fun Science methodology in which the participating children, investigate, experiment, learn and discover the exciting and fun world of chemistry

Topic: conferences, periodic table, presentations, science fair, climate change, competition, show, history of chemistry Audience: students, school children, high schools, teachers, educators, professional chemists


Rupashree Dass
May 07, 2011 07:20AM

this is amazing.. but what kind of activities did u give these children? can you please give me some ideas...

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