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hold international conferences for students about ways to lessen cfcs.

Idea by Shiva Sabbagh   |   added on Mar 23, 2011 09:12AM Suggestion Suggestion
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hold international conferences for students to notice the importance of ozone and find new ways to lessen cfcs.conferences

I think young people specially students are able to solve problems of today world. I think every student that studies chemistry even alittle,can produce new ideas that may be useful for Scientist,chemists,and other ones that like to save world. we have about 200 countries in the world.every country has diffrent people ,different beliveings,differnt weather and finally different brains. convene of futere Scientist togeather for asame problem may be effective for ending of some unimporting struggels too.

Topic: ozone, cfc, students, congress, international Audience: ozone, cfc, students, congress, international, conferences
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