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Idea by Luca Szalay   |   added on Feb 25, 2011 01:11PM Suggestion Suggestion
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On a date and at a time agreed in advance many teachers performed spectacular chemical experiments in their own schools, all involving water and fire. The students took lots of photographs and videos. The photographs were uploaded on the website of the event and any visitor can vote which ones he or she likes most.

The Hungarian Chemists’ Association initiated a specific action titled "FIRE FROM WATER - WATER FROM FIRE" in Hungary. We collected 13+1 spectacular experiments in that either fire was started by water or water was formed due to fire. (Lots of colour and noise were also involved...) We published (in Hungarian) the description of these experiments on the website of the Hungarian Chemists’ Association as a part of the call to all the Hungarian schools. The participating teachers had to register on the website of the event and then had to perform at least one spectacular experiment concerning water in their school (not necessarily the one/s/ that was/were described in the call). They had to upload at least one digital photograph on the website so that they could participate in the competition to decide who took the best photographs about the show. The national event was hold on 26 January (just before the official opening ceremony in Paris) and turned out to be a huge success. 285 schools were registered on the website. Hundreds of chemistry teachers and thousands of students took part. We keep receiving the enthused e-mails with links to YouTube videos (e.g.:;;;;;; etc.) and websites containing hundreds of photographs. The media coverage was exceptionally good (thank to the spectacular experiments). We have written several articles about the action in Hungarian, but we would also like to share the idea and the pleasure of success with all the colleagues working in other countries. Now we encourage the enthused Hungarian chemistry teachers to participate in the Global Experiment. We try to help their work by translating the most important parts of the activities into Hungarian.

Topic: experiments, engaging the youth, science fair, show Audience: students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, teachers, primary schools, international, global
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