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Molecular modelling cakes

Idea by Melissa Grant   |   added on Feb 14, 2011 02:05PM Suggestion Suggestion
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Using cake pops as atoms and lollipop sticks as bonds for making molecular models

We used cake pops (small cakes on lollipop sticks) as the atoms when making molecular models. These are easy to make and can then be joined through lollipop stick bonds. We explored the idea by making vanilin and theobromine - key constsitents of vanila and chocolate. We think it could be a fun way to introduce and encourage learning about molecular architecture. The molecules and recipes can be seen on the link. If you don't fancy baking cake you could always use shop bought cake and frosting/buttercream icing.


Last year we made a cake of the periodic table too.

Topic: hands-on activities, engaging the youth, experiments, play Audience: general public, students, secondary schools, high schools, school children, scientists, teachers, educators, iyc enthusiasts, researchers, international, global, post graduate students
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