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Idea by Mohamed Osman   |   added on Feb 06, 2011 03:50AM Collaboration Collaboration
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To Management Commitee About the logo and other stuff

The IYC logo,is it painted on any pens or Tshirts or any kind of the tiny gifts that the local organizer would give away to the audience if he drawing a competition or during exhibition or science fair?or that a must-do by local representitive?.

Topic: hands-on activities Audience: general public, scientists, decision makers, international, professional chemists.


Andrea C. Navas Calixto
Mar 29, 2011 02:00PM

May be this information could be help:

In order to use the IYC 2011 logo, please provide contact information and a brief
description of your IYC 2011 activity/product to Include
your IYC 2011-related website as well as the time and place of the activity.

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